About Us

Our Mission

The Company aims to be an investment group that invests in a responsible manner to generate stable and sustainable income, and achieve capital growth for our shareholders.

Our Vision

The Group strives to be a rare earth supply chain partner of choice in delivering long-term benefits for all stakeholders through our holistic management along the value chain.

Our core values

Good Corporate Governance

The Group is committed to uphold the best practices in corporate transparency and disclosures. The Board will continuously enhance our corporate governance framework and processes through effective oversight, and observe high standards of transparency, accountability and integrity in managing the Group’s business in order to create value for its stakeholders and safeguard the Group’s assets.

Responsible Investing

The Group will carry out preliminary assessment on proposed investments with our investment criteria, policies and guidelines, and will engage external independent professionals to carry out extensive due diligence on the proposed investments identified. We will avoid investing in companies that are involved in known breaches of human rights, labour laws, environment or anti-corruption laws.

Prudent Risk Management

The Group takes great care in assessing and mitigating potential risks to ensure that all investment decisions are in the best interest of our shareholders.